Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”, “Terms and Conditions”) carefully before using www.uxmint.in (“the Site”) operated by UXMINT headquarters in Chennai. This Agreement sets forth the legally binding terms and conditions for your use of the Site at www.uxmint.in. By accessing or using the Site in any manner, including, but not limited to, visiting or browsing the Site or contributing content or other materials to the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


“Confidential Information” means information provided by one party to the other in written, graphic, recorded, machine readable or other form concerning the business, clients, suppliers, finances and other areas of the other party’s business or products, including, without limitation, the Course Materials, but does not include information in the public domain other than through the default of the party disclosing the information, information required to be disclosed by any court or regulatory authority, or any information already in the possession or control of the disclosing party.

“Course Materials” means the information provided by UXMINT to accompany a course provided as part of the Services in hard copy or electronic form.

“Fees” means the fees paid by you to UXMINT for the Services.

“Intellectual Property Rights” means copyright, rights in or relating to course material, assignments, project worked under the banner or uxmint during the course, databases, patent rights, performers’ rights, designs and registered designs, trademarks, rights in or relating to Confidential Information and other intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered) throughout the world.

“Online Course” means the delivery by us of an online course pursuant to which you learn course materials remotely.

“Services” means the provision of the Online Course and/or the Direct Course and/or the Course Materials together with such other services as agreed from time to time and purchased by you through the Website or by telephone or by any offline mode.

“Direct Course” means a course taught by UXMINT in a classroom setting, field visits, study tour to which you attend in person.

“Website” means www.uxmint.in, www.learn.uxmint.in

“you” means the participants availing the course.

The Services

a. A description of the Services together with the dates on which the Services will begin are available on our Website. We will provide the Services with reasonable care and skill in accordance with the description set out on the Website.

b. We reserve the right to vary or withdraw any of the Services described on the Website without notice.

c. We expect you to confirm that the Services you are purchasing will meet your needs. We do not make any guarantee to you that you will obtain a particular result, professional qualification or employment opportunity from your purchase and completion of any of the Services.

Course Material Copyright

The materials/activities/assignments and all other hand-outs provided by UXMINT during the course are works proprietary and owned exclusively by UXMINT. The course participant does not acquire title nor ownership rights in any of these materials, activities or the group projects. The project activities done as part of the group efforts are to be only attributed to UXMINT and the participant may not have any ownership toward the same. Any material provided/displayed in the class or our portals are for the sole use of the participant for understanding the course. Further the course participant agrees not to reproduce, share, modify, and/or convert to electronic format, any of the materials received from or provided by UXMINT.

No Recording Permitted

Audio or Video recording in classroom or online training sessions or any outdoor study sessions is prohibited. Anyone found to pursue such act will be terminated and would be put through legal actions.

Intellectual Property

a. All Intellectual Property Rights in the Course Materials, Online Courses and the speeches made by trainers at the Direct Courses are, and remain, the intellectual property of uxmint.

b. You are not authorised to:-

  (i) copy, modify, reproduce, re-publish, sub-licence, sell, upload, broadcast, post, transmit or distribute any of the Course Materials without prior written permission;

  (ii) record on video or audio tape, relay by videophone or other means the Online Course or Direct Course given

 (iii) use the Course Materials in the provision of any other course or training whether given by us or any third party trainer;

  (iv) remove any copyright or other notice of UXMINT on the Course Materials, Assignments, Project Work

  (v) modify, adapt, merge, translate, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer (save to the extent permitted by law) any software forming part of the Online Course or Direct Course.

Breach by you of this clause “Intellectual Property” shall allow us to immediately terminate these terms and conditions with you and cease to provide you with any Services, including but not limited to access to the Online Courses.

c. In consideration of the Fees paid by you, we grant to you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use the Course Materials and the software in respect of the Online Course for the sole purpose of completing the Online Course and/or attending the Direct Course.

Course Discontinuation

To discontinue, you’ll need to submit a Request for Course Discontinuation by writing to enquire@uxmint.in.

Temporary Discontinuation
If you’d like to take a break from your course due to unavoidable situations like illness/personal accident, you can apply for intermission. In case of rejoining you need to apply for the next scheduled course within 3 months from the date of break. You will resume from the number of class that you had discontinued. For instance, you had attended 3 session earlier, you will resume from the 4th session.
Any rejoining post 3 month will be considered as new joining.

Anyone who discontinues and rejoins shall be governed by the rules and regulations, course of study and syllabus in force, at the time of rejoining.

Portfolio Evaluation & Certification
Incase you had attended all the training sessions and not submitted your portfolio nor taken the certification exam. You are eligible to submit the portfolio and take the exam within 9 months of the course commencement; post which the submission will not be allowed.


We shall be entitled to terminate these terms and conditions and cease to provide you with any Services with immediate effect in the event that you:

a. fail to pay when due your Fees;
b. fail to complete the course within 6 months from the start date of the course for weekend UX and weekend UI batches; and 7 months for College Fresher Program (UX & UI);
c. act in an aggressive, bullying, offensive, threatening or harassing manner towards any employee of UXMINT, any teacher or lecturer who provides the Direct Courses/Online Courses or any participant who attends any Direct Course/Online Course;
d. cheat or plagiarise any work which you are required to prepare or submit in connection with the Services or during any examination taken in connection with the Services;
e. steal or act in fraudulent or deceitful manner towards us or our employees or any other participants who may be on our premises or attending our Direct Courses;
f. intentionally or recklessly damage our property or the property of our employees or other participants attending our premises;
g. are intoxicated through alcohol or illegal drugs while on our premises;
h. commit any criminal offence committed on our premises or where the victim is our employee or participant;
i. are in breach of these terms and conditions.
On termination clause (intellectual property rights), (confidentiality) and shall continue notwithstanding such termination.

Governing Law

This Agreement (and any further rules, polices, or guidelines incorporated by reference) shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Tamilnadu, India, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. This document was last updated on October 1st 2020