About Us

uxmint, is a Design Research Academy in Chennai, involved in User Experience Training and Consulting. It was started in 2014 by Kingsley who is passionate towards Human Computer Interaction and dreams to realise the utopian world by convergence of both physical and virtual realms.

We at uxmint look forward to

provide meaningful design solution for products which amplifies human ability resulting in harmony between human beings and technology. Design for solving problems, Design for emotions, Design for culture, Design for a better tomorrow

We strongly believe our service in the field of design should reach masses without being restricted by the feasibility current technology or boundaries of the digital world. We experiment a lot in terms of social design, cognitive science, behavioural change, and emotional satisfaction; we put our designers through rigourous path to go above and beyond which can solve universal problems beyond the digital realms also to bring satisfaction to product users determining the success in market and evolve.

What we do at uxmint

Transform and invoke design thinking though process and bring innovation to schools, college, and working professional which helps them to build a better environment through design

To name it, we do

User experience for digital products, application, physical products, design solutions for social and environmental challenges that can bring a positive change or harmony to people

Kingsley - Founder, uxmint

A UX Researcher, Practitioner, Mentor and Explorer, Kingsley believes UX is not restricted to rationalising but evoking every cord of emotion by means of creating meaningful products and applications both in physical and digital realms.

“Observation Inspires Ideas,
Ideas leads to Innovation”
Kingsley - Founder uxmint